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Fish Replicas


Our delivery time is generally within 90 days from receiving your 50% down payment.

It is very helpful to us if you can provide the length, girth or weight and a photo of the fish in order to most accurately replicate your trophy. We do have a library of facts and photo reference materials from all over North America to pull from when this basic information is not available. Most of our staff are fishermen and can be very helpful in capturing that special effect.

Basic Wall Mounted Replicas
  • $ 15.00 per inch in length
  • $ 180.00 Minimum Price
For Pedestal Mounted Replicas (Painted both sides) Add $ 4.00 per inch in length.

Check the "Custom Scenes" mounting media selections for price ranges.

We require a 50% deposit before we place an order into our production schedule. The balance is due upon completion before we will ship a product. If the balance is not received within 60 days of notice of completion, the deposit will be forfeited and the product sold elsewhere. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

We ship all over the world and our foam packaging is almost damage proof.

The packaging and delivery charges will be set before you place the order. Typical packaging and shipping are as follows.

  • Zone 1 - $8.00
  • Zone 2 - $12.00
  • Zone 3 -
  • Zone 4 -
  • Zone 5 -
Perma Trophy Shipping Times
Perma Trophy Fish Replicas and Taxidermy