Perma Trophy Fish Replicas Many of the replicas sold today have changed little from their original design and quality. They are still based on the graphite materials introduced 30 years ago and still suffer from the same problems inherent with those originals: thick and unnatural fins, poor scale detail, mouth interiors that bear little resemblance to a real fish's mouth and gills that look more like pipe cleaners than the breathing organs of fish. The end result is "They just don't look real". With all of the space age materials available, why should we still be making replicas out of the same old stuff?

After long hours of research and development along with some "Hollywood" molding techniques, we feel (and we aren't alone in this opinion) that we have come up with a product that is vastly superior. We invite you to view our product with a critical eye. When you look into the mouths of our replicas, you will see teeth that are an exact reproduction of a real fish mouth, not points of putty made to look like teeth. Our gills are cast from real gills. Our fins are thin and transparent giving you that natural translucent quality that real fish fins have. Thanks to "Hollywood" our scale detail is unmatched, right down to the pores in the skin. All of the components are assembled exactly as they were disassembled to create a product worthy of the title "replica".

Perma Trophy Fish Replicas "Perma Trophy" replicas will last a lifetime, unlike skin mounted fish.
  • No continually shrinking heads
  • No skin bubbling after a few years
  • No need to bring them back after five or ten years to be "touched up" Our advanced R & D ensures that all "Perma Trophy" replicas have the following features.
  • They are much easier to keep clean because they are less fragile.
  • Translucent thin fins and no unsightly backing to keep them in place.
  • Unsurpassed scale detail. No need for heavy layers of clear coat finish to protect the painted on scale illusion.
  • Unsurpassed mouth detail. A common criticism of fish replicas by the public is when you look in the mouth "it just doesn't look real". The teeth, gills and tongue of a "Perma Trophy" look real because they are all molded from the real thing.
  • Our artists have all been trained in the skills of fish painting by one of the top fish champions in World Competition. Just give us a picture and we'll match it.
  • We love when taxidermists scrutinize our fish to determine if they are "skin mounts" or replicas. Your friends won't be able to tell either.
Perma Trophy Fish Replicas If your desire is to present your trophy in an exciting and realistic scenic presentation we are equipped with our own cabinet shop and habitat artists trained by some of the top museum taxidermists in the world to provide you with that special centerpiece for discussion.

By displaying a "Perma Trophy" you can have your fish and eat it too! Better yet, you can practice "Catch and Release" so someone else has a chance to catch a trophy on another day. Perma Trophy Fish Replicas
Perma Trophy Fish Replicas and Taxidermy