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Perma Trophy Taxidermy In 1909 J.P. Hawkins began a career in taxidermy from his home near Barnsville, Minnesota. He later moved to Winnipeg, Canada in order to capitalize on the wealth of opportunity for taxidermy offered by the Manitoba market. Two generations later in 1980 Dennis Deegan took over a thriving taxidermy business and proceeded to develop it into one of North America's largest taxidermy operations. By that time Deegan could see the demise of trophy fish taking place at the older resorts. Replica fish for freshwater species was a relatively new concept in taxidermy but was an obvious necessity to Catch and Release and the long term health of sport fishing in Canada. He began to mold fish for making replicas and at the same time became instrumental in convincing the legislature and Natural Resources Department of Manitoba to legislate protective policies for sport fishing. As a result, today most of the fisheries of western Canada are protected by strong Catch and Release policies and sport fishing is enjoying a premier level of quality.

All during the 1980's and 1990's Deegan developed an extensive line of fish molds and a strong working relationship with the resorts of western Canada by providing top quality taxidermy services for their clients. The exceptional products from their fish molds were only available to their retail customers.

In the mean time taxidermists in the USA were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the poor quality of the fish replica blanks that were available to them. In 2004 a Minnesota taxidermist solicited the financial support of Fred Roguske, an avid sport fisherman, to develop a new line of fish molds using space age technology and materials. The quality improvements were dramatic and Lake Country Replicas soon became one of the leading suppliers of fish replicas to the taxidermy industry in North America. A state of the art facility was designed and constructed in central Minnesota to meet the demand.

From that beginning Roguske maintained a friendly relationship with the Deegan family in neighboring Winnipeg and in 2008 purchased the Perma Trophy fish replica franchise from Hawkins Taxidermy. The combination of new molding technology and the classic inventory of Perma Trophy fish molds has given Lake Country Replicas the very finest line of North American fish replicas available. Replicas that look like real fish, not painted pieces of plastic.

Being a seasoned businessman, Roguske has hired proven taxidermy artists and contracted with Rick Krane, "Several Times World Fish Taxidermy Champion", to train them. The staff of fifteen experienced men and women combine their talents under the supervision of John and Nathan Metz to provide our customers with the very finest in memory enhancing fish displays. Every piece is a custom product matching your photos and special requests, so next day delivery is not an option but 60 day turn around can be expected under most circumstances.

Perma Trophy Taxidermy Taxidermists regularly debate whether our finished products are an exceptional skin mount or an outstanding replica. They continually study our presentations in order to enhance their abilities. In fact, we provide them with many of the materials and information necessary to do so.

When you contact Perma Trophy, you will be speaking with people at the leading edge of the industry.

About Perma Trophy Taxidermy About Perma Trophy Taxidermy
About Perma Trophy Taxidermy About Perma Trophy Taxidermy
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