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Perma Trophy Taxidermy Memories
Capture the thrill of that special moment! The preparation, the trip, the stalk, the fight, and finally that moment of success. Your personal best and the memories of all that led up to it. A trip and an experience to remember.

Make a Statement
Nothing describes better your passion for the outdoor adventure than beautifully displayed scenes depicting your achievements.

What better way to enjoy those living areas where you work or relax than to surround yourself with reminders of why you work hard or how you relax the best.

Show that you care at a deeper level by providing a gift that touches the soul of that special person's passion.

Catch and Release
Practice Catch and Release by making your trophy a replica so that our precious resources will endure and prosper. That way the memories of our generation may be experienced by our sons and daughters and our grand children.
Perma Trophy Fish Replicas and Taxidermy